Eve_EnslerShe’s one of the world’s best-known feminists, authors and playwrights.

They’re one of India’s most acclaimed theatre companies.

When Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal and Kaizaad Kotwal bring their skill to an Eve Ensler play, magic happens.

Eve Ensler – feminist, author and Tony-award winning playwright of the legendary Vagina Monologues – has a fabulous new play, Emotional Creature, and it’s premiering in Asia at THiNK 2013.

Mounted by acclaimed theatre company Poor Box Productions, Emotional Creature is a powerful ode to young women around the world, with their cultural differences but intuitively similar concerns. Tackling issues of contemporary relevance – misogyny and patriarchy, rape, domestic violence and other forms of abuse – with sensitivity, grit and humour, the incredibly talented ensemble cast of Emotional Creature give voice to women everywhere.

If the writing is powerful, the skill and nuanced treatment that Mahabanoo and Kaizaad bring to the play are even more so; these are theatre veterans, and they speak the language of the medium with a fluency that is pure magic.

In a year when our collective consciousness has been shocked by the horrific treatment of women across the country, Emotional Creature is a compelling reminder that women are neither to be pitied or censured, changed or controlled; they are to be celebrated in all their emotional, empathetic, intuitive glory.