Get, Set, Goa!

A few quick pointers that may help plan your trip!

Dress Code: Sessions are easy and informal, so pack accordingly. Evenings are  informal too, keeping with the Goa vibe. Also, remember that Saturday, Nov 3 is a theme night where the dress code is White. We also suggest comfortable shoes – the hotel is large, and dinners are outdoors, by the sea.

Access: We know we’ve reiterated this multiple times but please do remember to wear your badge at all times, both in the day and evening. It gives you access to all areas at THiNK including the lounges as well as the dinners. Also please remember there are no walk-in registrations at THiNK – last-minute guests will not be allowed entry.

The THiNK Shop: Quirky, custom-designed merchandise will be available at the THiNK shop at the Grand Hyatt; books from some of our speakers will also be available for you to buy and get signed – details of the signing will be posted at the store.

Social media: We’re tweeting updates and behind-the-scenes snippets at @thinktweeter and using the #THiNK2012 hashtag, which will also be used during the event. We’d love it if you joined the buzz!

The schedule and speaker details are all up at along with details of our performances.



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