When they first exploded on the Venice music scene in 1987 – a setting known for some of the most skilled
classical musicians in the world – they immediately gained a reputation for youthful exuberance and all-Italian brio.

Today this ensemble is one of the highlights of any trip to the romantic city of Venice, playing some of the world’s most legendary Western classical music with a distinctive style all their own. They demonstrate the true power of music and its ability to be at once moving, exhilarating, evocative, exuberant, emotional. Now a landmark on the international music scene in their xxVIth Venice concert season, Interpreti Veneziani play to over 60,000 specta- tors a year from all over the world.

The great talent of the musicians who make up this group is their skilled interpretations of the Baroque, Clas- sic and Modern repertoires with virtuosity, emotion and engaging variety, which are a keystone to their success both with the public and critics.

They’ve performed at the Festival of Melbourne, at the Bayreuth Festival, concerts at the Royal Palace in Stock- holm, in the World Vision telemarathon in the Kirov Theatre for the revival of the name of the city of St. Petersburg, the concert at the osaka Symphony Hall in live broadcast for Japanese radio, concerts at Suntory Hall and Kjoi Hall in Tokyo. Concerts in the United States, Japan, Canada, Latin America alternate every year in their calendar with concerts in the world’s most prestigious halls.