It’s All Action in the THiNK War Room

Less than 30 days to go and the THiNK office is war zone central! That means last minute speaker confirmations; constant tweaking of the event schedule (which will go up on the site soon); visa applications; flight-routings-from-hell; brainstorming on sessions; list after list of hotel bookings; passionate conversations on music with performers; hot debates on stage design; baffled looks from the production team each time a new element is introduced; desperate hunt for speaker pictures for announcements; manic writing of speaker profiles; samples of merchandise coming into the office and being rejected; cartons piling up near the doors, threatening to maim the clumsy; emails at the speed of thought; and seemingly Brazil’s annual production of coffee to keep us sane through it all.

The coffee, though, doesn’t seem to be doing its job.

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