Sadhana-1The Music Educator

She’s a music educationist with a passion for taking the world of songs to children in their schools and

As co-founder of Art Links Learning, Sadhana Rao builds relationships with conservatories to take their evolved traditional and classical music to schools in structured form from the ages of 2½. But her breadth of knowledge about the layers and textures of both Indian and western classical music, as well as her keen ear for musical talent, extend the reach of her influence to audiences outside the learning circle.
A passionate believer in the concept that music knows no hierarchies, Sadhana leads a pool of trained faculty and educationists to take classical music mainstream. As curator of the daytime music performances at THiNK, she has helped construct disparate musical influences into a cohesive whole.

A master’s in social work from Delhi University, she honed her research, consulting and execution skills at the Administrative Staff College of India. Living in Chennai, she continues to be a student and researcher of western classical and Hindustani music. Most recently, she has embarked on a project to spawn Music & Arts Learning Circles & Communities for different genres and interest groups using online social technology.