SonamKalraEven in the world of music, used to the eclectic and thriving on the unusual, Sonam is exceptional. She is a vocalist whose skill spans both Western and Indian musical traditions. Having trained in Indian classical music under Shubha Mudgal and Sarathi Chatterjee, she went on to study varied genres of Western music including gospel and jazz under gospel singer Ashley Clement in Singapore, as well as classical opera under noted tenor Hur Chul Young.

Sonam’s voice is at once powerful yet sensitive; her music is a joyous mix of everything she is: it has freshness and spunk yet resonates with meaning.  She is known for her Jazz performances and the new genre of music she has created called The Sufi Gospel Project that has been making waves in India and abroad. She has received great reviews from the press and audiences alike, and has been performed at leading venues and festivals in India like the NCPA Mumbai, The Weavers Centre for the arts Kolkata, India Habitat Centre, Epicentre, India International Centre and Kamani auditorium , New Delhi. She has opened the The World Sufi Spirit Festival, Rajasthan, The Rajasthan international Folk festival, The Bengaluru International Arts festival, to name a few.

When she’s not performing, Sonam is also a writer, a stage and television actor- she is the national award winning actress of The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award, as well s as the live voice host of the Commonwealth Games 2010.