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David Gensler

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There’s very little David Gensler doesn’t know about building stuff.

As CEO of Gensler, amongst the largest American architecture, design and urban planning firms, David is part of the team that handles over 3000 projects annually –including commercial buildings, retail centres, airports, education facilities and entertainment complexes. The firm is also at the cutting-edge of developments and work in urban planning and design, brand strategy, environmental graphic design, sustainable design consulting, and more.

David is committed to design that blends both creative and strategic considerations to produce innovative solutions that aren’t just spaces that clients inhabit – instead, they become facilitators of a clients’ business performance.With a background in investment banking and management consulting, he came to Gensler with wide-ranging experience in the healthcare, financial services and technology sectors with leading international corporations including Microsoft, Datis and Morgan Stanley. In 1994, he founded Gensler Information Solutions (GIS), a consultancy focused on information management strategies for real estate and facilities.

David has contributed his design and strategic planning acumen to the success of many Gensler design and consultative projects in the United States and internationally, including workplace strategy and design, information solutions and strategic facilities planning for clients including the City of Los Angeles, Deloitte & Touche, Dreamworks SKG, JPMorgan Chase, McDonald’s Corporation, and the University of California.

He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dartmouth College, and is on the board of directors of Junior Achievement of Southern California as well as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Arts.

As one of Gensler’s three Executive Directors, David balances multiple responsibilities – the firm’s operational infrastructure, along with overseeing its European and Asian practices.

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