The feedback at THiNK 2011 was nothing short of overwhelming – here, a brief roundup of bytes from a cross-section of THiNKers and speakers!


“Thank you for pulling off such a seamless event with such passion and dedication, and for making your guests feel so loved. The sessions were fantastic and the crowd was engaging and entertaining”

Maajid Nawaz, Chairman, Quilliam Foundation, UK


“The THiNK experience was truly unique for me. I’m most thankful for your attention and for the extraordinary standard of debates and discussions. I’m really happy to have been allowed the privilege of sharing this experience with such wonderful people”

Shlomo Ben-Ami, Peace Diplomat, Former Foreign Minister of Israel

“Thank you everyone at Tehelka – THiNK was an amazing, inspirational and totally unique experience. I’m still buzzing from it”

Paul Bourne, Director, Four for Jericho, UK


“Everything from the printed material to the choice of speakers and the set up was incredibly thought through and presented. Tehelka has set itself an extremely high standard and raising the bar each year will be a formidable task. We were absolutely energised with the vibrancy of the speakers, the beauty of the location and the sheer level of engagement and thinking that it all evoked. I certainly hope you make this event bigger and more successful year on year”

Ameer Ismail, Executive Director, Lowe and Partners, India


“THiNK was by far the best conference of its kind I’ve ever attended, anywhere in the world”

Sudhir Kakar, Writer and Psychoanalyst, India


“Well done and thank you for inviting us. We were inspired. In fact, after listening to some of the speakers, my daughter said to me that she feels like leaving the corporate world and working in the social sector to better the lives of the neglected”

John C DeSilva, Vice Admiral (Retd), India


 “THiNK is the best conference I have attended in my life. The speakers forced us to think! The dinner parties forced us to dance! And the organisation throughout forced us to clap!”

Alyque Padamsee


“I’m under the THiNK spell now. The impeccable elegance of the event was not unexpected from Tehelka, yet the degree of excellence in planning, execution and quality of each segment took one’s breath away. I returned enriched and inspired. More power to your elbows and pen”

Sonal Mansingh, Danseuse, India


“THiNK was a spectacular ‘think feast’. It had provocative, insightful, even shocking talks. It was a weekend that nourished my body, mind and soul!”

Kabir Bedi, Actor, India


“I was really blown by THiNK. It was the most slickly organised event I have ever seen in India. I loved the crispness of the programming and the brilliant variety in its presentations and discussions. I particularly valued the talks on subjects I had no exposure to: Mike Brown’s talk on astronomy, Carl Deitrich’s on the flying car. Frank Gehry and VS Naipaul were both magic. I also particularly enjoyed the moderators’ questions at the event which were focused and smart”

Chiki Sarkar, Editor, Penguin India


“Many people said the festival would change the way they do their work and approach their life. There is no better testament to the success of THiNK than that”

Lisa Wilson, Newsweek, USA