#THiNK2012 guest blogger list

#THiNK2012 guest blogger list is out. Thank you for the overwhelming response.

Following is the select group of bloggers, who would share their thoughts, photos, videos and comments on the THiNK Blog — thinkworks.in/blog.

#THiNK2012 guest bloggers

  1. Hemant Ahlawat
  2. Mitesh Shah
  3. Adarsh Kumar
  4. Sandip Kotecha
  5. Nidhi Thakur
  6. Akshay Surendra
  7. Noel Seqeira
  8. Karolle Rabarison
  9. Mukta Naik
  10. Rajesh Krishnan
  11. Neha Sarda
  12. Karthik Sivarma
  13. Hakim Sabir
  14. Aaron Demallo
  15. Saloni Puri
  16. Sheela Jaywant
  17. Mithil Naik Gaunker
  18. Alfred Tuinman
  19. Gitanjali Kerkar
  20. Supriya Unni
  21. Tejal Johri
  22. Olga Suihkonen
  23. Sabari Saran
  24. Nigel Britto
  25. Augustine Veliath
  26. Gaurav Jha
  27. Kumar Gera
  28. Galardi Fabio
  29. Shreyas Habbu
  30. Menon Madhusudhan
  31. Anirudh Wodeyar
  32. Sangram Khopade
  33. Camila Abbott
  34. Lakshmi Chandra
  35. Florinda Azavedo
  36. Leena Prakash
  37. Anupam Goswami
  38. Tarun Panwar
  39. Ashvin Kumar
  40. Gaurav Sarup
  41. Haresh Kishor
  42. Meenu Mangal
  43. Rajesh Krishnan
  44. Ritu Kumar
  45. Anushka Gole
  46. Meenakshi Menon
  47. Prateek Gupta
  48. Manoj Murarka
  49. Anil Pandit
  50. Nikhil Mahen
  51. Daniel Oxenhadler

A few simple pointers for the Bloggers

  • Collect your THiNK Blogger badge and WiFi key from Anamika Chatterjee at the Help Desk on November 2 morning
  • Please carry your own laptop/tablet, we will provide you WiFi access inside the ballroom. We will be unable to provide computer systems
  • You are free to choose your own sessions, themes or topics. You needn’t write just about the sessions. Nuggets on subjects discussed during the session, or personal interaction with any of the THiNKers are also welcome. You can also add photos or small videos (not more than 30 seconds).
  • Please refrain from using abusive words or making personal attacks in your blogpost.
  • Your blogpost shouldn’t exceed 500 words
  • Only three blogposts per session that come within 30 minutes will be selected by the social media editor
  • Send your blogposts as soon as the session you are blogging about is over.
  • Each blogpost would be edited by the social media editor. We reserve the right to reject any blogpost
  • Please send an one-line bio about yourself with your blogposts
  • All entries must be sent to social@thinkworks.in

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