Want to be a THiNK Blogger?

Author Mohammed Hanif at THiNK 2011

Less than a week from now, you will be attending the festival of ideas. If you like, you could be part of the select group of bloggers, who would share their thoughts, photos, videos and comments on the THiNK blog.

In case you want to be a THiNK blogger or part of the THiNK twitterati, please send a mail to social@thinkworks.in. The chosen few will be given a special badge and a space to write their blogs in the media room. You will also have to carry your own laptop/tablets/phones. We will provide you with the Internet connection.

THiNK on social media

Blog: http://thinkworks.in/blog/
Twitter handle: @THiNKTweeter
Twitter hashtag: #THiNK2012
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/THiNK2012
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/tehelkatv

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