The Tears Behind the Mask


The session, ‘In the Green Room’, was revealingly subtitled ‘The Solitude of a Superstar’. It is easy to imagine that an actor whose fame spans the globe would need solitude, a place no one can reach — a reminder that he too, like the rest of us, is essentially alone.

[Guest Blog] The disease and the medicine


Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Jayaprakash Narayan presented a very structured and informative debate for and about the Indian political scene, not as politicians but as citizens of India.

[Guest Blog] ‘The risk of a viral pandemic is real and increasing’


As a CEO, one has to be prepared for any wild card event, one that rarely happens but affects your business in a major way. Prof Ian Lipkin of Colombia University started Day 3 of THiNK 2012 talking about just this.

[Guest Blog] The Second Class Citizen


Although I wonder if there ever will be a day when no woman will be punished just because she is one, it is the Monas and Fowzias and Malalas who fight with every fibre in their body that give me a sense of hope.

[Guest Blog] What’s superior? Humans or the power of the Internet?


As ironical as it is, Sherry Turkle just finished her session about internet addiction at the second day of THiNK, and I couldn’t wait a minute to pick up my phone and tweet about it.

[Guest Blog] ‘It is essential for us to understand what impact we have on this planet’


Pardon the cliché, but the sessions have started with a Bang, the Big Bang that is. David Christian is one of your everyday people who came up with a science and field of study.

[Guest Blog] ‘David literally left us in the dark’


David Christian raised the interesting question many parents will have: what problems and issues will our children be faced with?

Erica Jong at #THiNK2012


Selected tweets on THiNK2012 session with Erica Jong @THiNKTweeter

[Guest Blog] THiNK 2012 is serious stuff, with a youthful spirit


Arthur Rimbaud famously wrote about the fickleness of youth, about not being serious when one is 17. However, at just two years of age, there is no doubt Tehelka’s THiNK conference in Goa takes itself seriously.

Not Women Filmmakers, Just Filmmakers

(From L To R) Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar, Anusha Rizvi and Nidhi Razdan. Photo: Vijay Pandey

The last session, ‘Cinema, Wide Angle,’ on Day 1 of THiNK was an entertaining, sparky conversation between the filmmakers Reema Kagti, Anusha Rizvi and Zoya Akhtar.