The Chinese Question

(From L to R) Zhang Mei, Shoma Chaudhury and  Arvind Subramanian. Photo: Ishan Tankha

Tehelka’s managing editor Shoma Chaudhury found herself outflanked during ‘The Development Knot’, a session featuring the businesswoman Zhang Mei and the economist and China expert Arvind Subramanian.

Aesthetics is important, but city planning must be democratised


While Mumbai has decided not to reclaim any land, the problem of redeveloping horizontally spaced slum land into vertical urban housing is a critical one in most cities.

[Guest Blog] Recognise the history and the fabric of the city


The THiNK session, ‘The Fast-Burning Fuse: Can Indian Cities Be Saved?’ addressed several uncomfortable questions about our city planning.

Tech talk and revolution


Given the age of most politicians, coporate leaders, people in positions of power, “we have entrusted our future,” said Ben Hammersley to laughter and applause, “to people who are confused by the present.”

Guest Blog: Marcus Du Sautoy’s Prime Miracles


Who would have thought numbers are interesting? I guess, at some level, everyone. However, there would be few in the world that would get such a manic adrenaline rush by looking at prime numbers as Marcus du Sautoy. Marcus gave an exhilarating and memorable talk on the basic building blocks of numbers – you know, the prime ones.

Power, politics and ‘collective madness’


Tehelka‘s THiNK festival’s second edition began Friday morning 2 November with a session, The Personal is Political, featuring the powerful, astonishing Fawzia Koofi, running for the Afghan presidency in the elections in 2014, and the Guardian journalist Jason Burke. Koofi’s biographical details are horrifying, left out by her mother in the sun to die because Read More…

Calculated Mystique

Marcus Du Sautoy

When I heard I would have to blog about ‘The Number Mysteries’ — Marcus Du Sautoy’s talk on the ‘Magic of the Primes: Music, Football and Why Maths Matters’ the nightmare returned. The last time I saw it, I was 15. A giant 23x chases me down a dark alley, running on a million little creature Read More…

And so it begins!

They say when it rains it pours, and while we’re still hoping for a clear evening at the Grand Hyatt at Bambolim — it’s already pouring guests. At the Tehelka de-briefing this evening, commander and troubleshooter at large, Neena Tejpal informed the team that the numbers at Think had tripled from last year. As general Read More…

The Shaping Thought


TEHELKA’s annual THiNK festival celebrates ideas, their originality, their efficacy, their power to induce action. With the tacit acknowledgement that ideas cannot exist in isolation. We asked 12 distinguished practitioners across disciplines to share the ideas that impacted their thought, to pay tribute to the people who sparked them and to reveal the framework in Read More…

One day more to #THiNK2012

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Just one more day to THiNK2012. We bring you photos from the night of Oct 30- 1 Nov. More photos to follow soon. Keep checking &