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Tehelka’s Design Head Anand Naorem has been sharing photos on twitter as the team prepares on THiNK2012  

IT Team reaches Goa


The IT team led by Prawal Srivastava arrives in Goa today. In this day and age of information, Srivastava and his team members play a huge role in making #THiNK2012 a success by simplifying technology for us. So when you are using the Wi-Fi at THiNK or browsing through THiNK website, you know who are Read More…

First lot of Team THiNK arrives at Goa

Team THiNK inspecting the goodies!

First lot of Team THiNK arrives at Goa.  Loads to be done before as we prepare to receive you. Here are some photos Tehelka’s Design Head Anand Naorem tweeted from THiNK venue at Grand Hyatt, Goa.  

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof


Jairam Ramesh is coming to THiNK2012. Tehelka‘s Shoma Chaudhury on why we should be interested in the high-voltage story of Jairam Ramesh THERE’S A haunting image from 2010 that many Indians might have missed. Tucked inside a newspaper was a picture of an elderly farmer in a white kurta, slumped defenceless on his knees against Read More…

Gagged again!


Dayamani Barla spoke at THiNK2011. Tehelka’s Soumik Mukherjee reports are her recent arrest and re-arrest. DAYAMANI BARLA, who was arrested earlier last week (State Ploy to Silence a Dissenting Voice?, 27 October), was rearrested in connection with the same case by the Jharkhand Police minutes after she was granted a judicial bail by a local Read More…

‘After I die, others will work for the cause’


Professor GD Agrawal, now a sanyasi — Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand is coming to #THiNK2012. He has been fighting to to restore the sanctity of the Ganga and its tributaries. Here is a piece on him by Manoj Rawat and Mahipal Kunwar from Tehelka Archives. HERE’S A man of science on a spiritual mission. Once, under his tutelage, hundreds of IIT Read More…

How to deal with a panic attack, part 1


To deal with a sudden surge of panic at a) logistics that are threatening to swamp us, b) number of guests seemingly touching Olympic levels and c) the brain-numbing fear of things not falling into place, we ordered samosas and jalebi. Coherence has returned to the THiNK room.

Lokpal Bill from two perspectives: Hazare & JP Narayan


ANNA HAZARE JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN Should the Prime Minister be under the ambit of the Lokapal? Yes, the Prime Minister should be accountable to the Lokpal. An investigation can be carried out with permission from a seven member Lokpal bench. The Prime Minister can be investigated by the Lokpal if a Paliamentary Committee comprising the Vice Read More…

Who said the landline is dead?

Cellphone companies, be worried. Be very, very worried.

Rimjhim, lady with the 3 cellphones, makes a call. Mobile companies, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

#THiNK2012 on social media

(L-R) Raksha Kumar, Revati Laul, Kunal Majumder, Avalok Langer. Photo: Andrew Clarance

Tehelka‘s social media team gets ready for #THiNK2012. Come 2 November and you will get a complete coverage of the event through all social media platforms.Thinkworks.in will have blogposts, podcasts, videos and photos bringing detailed coverage to your desktops, tablets and phones. Apart from the website, you must follow THiNK’s twitter handle @THiNKTweeter and Facebook Read More…