RK is Running Again


Ranbir Kapoor is coming to #THiNK2012. Here is Gaurav Jain’s article on the ‘Rockstar’ In the first few minutes of Rockstar, Ranbir Kapoor dashes desperately through the cobbled streets of Rome, escaping a thrashing by locals, and after a quick bus ride arrives to give his impending concert. He kicks brutally at the barricades and roars Read More…

Barber from Bollywood


Javed Akhtar is coming to #THiNK2012. Here is an article he wrote from Tehelka Archives on Hindi Cinema India has a unique relationship with its film industry. No other country can quite mirror this relationship. We are a nation of movie buffs and films provide us two things we love most: we like to worship Read More…

Women power in Cinema

Zoya Akhtar, Anusha Rizvi and Reema Kagti will be there at #THiNK2012. Here are interviews from Tehelka Archives.

You, Me & the 4.2 Litre Engine Guru


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is coming to #THiNK2012. Here’s an article on him from Tehelka Archives.  Yogis now live at the same velocity and material comfort as any of us. So what’s their spiritual draw? A sceptic spends an event-filled week inside ’s ashram in the Velliangiri hills in Tamil Nadu. And returns with some answers Just A Read More…

Assessing the current situation of the Euro crisis


Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow at the Brussels-based Bruegel Institute, is a renowned economist specialised in financial regulation and in the transformations of capitalism. As he will be discussing the situation of the European economy at THiNK2012, it gives us an opportunity to assess the recent events and the measures taken by the European Union to deal with the ongoing crisis.

The term ‘Islamic world’ is completely unhelpful


Jason Burke is coming to #THiNK2012. Here’s an interview on his book The 9/11 Wars from Tehelka Archives.  As the South Asia correspondent for The Guardian, Jason Burke began reporting from Pakistan in 1998. Currently based in New Delhi, Burke, 41, has covered the wars of 2001 in Afgha n istan and 2003 in Iraq. After Read More…

22 days to go to #THiNK2012

THiNK meeting underway on 10 October. Photo: Soumik Mukherjee

Here’s a photo from THiNK meeting on 10 October afternoon. You can see Payal Puri, Shoma Chaudhury, Neena Tejpal, Rimjhim Jha and Anand Naorem discussing details about the upcoming mega event. Have you booked your presence? Check http://thinkworks.in/registration/ for details.

James Randi reveals magic tricks to protect the magic


“How did you do that?” This is our first reaction anytime we witness a great magic trick. It is obviously a rhetorical question: not only will the magician hide his secret, but, more importantly, we do not want to know. The power of magic does not survive the revelation of the deception – we know Read More…

Countdown to #THiNK2012 begins

THiNK office on 9 October evening.

Countdown to #THiNK2012 has begun. Here’s photo on 9 October evening as THiNK tries hard to meet the deadlines. 40 speakers have already confirmed. Swamped with requests to attend, free registration have now been closed. Speaker list is slowly being made public. Starting today, we’ll bring you a photo a day from what’s happening as Read More…

Why George Galloway supports Hugo Chavez


Looking to be elected for a fourth term as the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez was chosen by 54% of the voters on 7 October, 2012. Considered a pariah by many of the leaders of developed countries and having been branded in mainstream Western media as an autocrat and a demagogue, Chavez has nevertheless garnered Read More…