Sessions 2011

Day 1Nov 4, 2011

09:00 AM


Tarun J Tejpal & Tina Brown. Opening address

09:25 AM

Inception: New Ideas for the World

Justin Hall-Tipping (USA). Free Energy for All: The Promise of Nanotechnology.

09:55 AM

Bunker Busters: Why We Fight

 Hasan Elahi (USA) & Shehrbano Taseer (Pakistan). Don’t Get Mad, Get Even: The Anti-Terror Project. 

10:35 AM

The Emperor of Maladies

Dr Siddhartha Mukherjee (USA). The History of Cancer: How Tragedy Can Inspire.

11:05 AM

Universal Keys

Anil Srinivasan with Sadhana Rao. Music, Revolution and Change.

11:25 AM

Scars of War, Wounds of Peace

Shlomo Ben-Ami (Israel), Ram Jethmalani (India). The Israel - Palestine Conflict: The Power & The Poison of Nationhood.

12:05 PM

Politics, wide angle

Nitin Gadkari (India). The big idea that drives me. And how difficult it is to pull it off.

12:40 PM

Cosmic Adventures

Mike Brown (USA). Planet Hunting, Planet Killing: Why Everyone Should Look Up at the Sky

02:45 PM

A Mocking Bird

Papa CJ (India)

03:20 PM

Why We Fight: Stories & Solutions

Dayamani Barla (India), Aruna Roy (India). Ground Warriors: Battles for Earth, Water, Sky. And Life.

03:55 PM

Cinematic Misadventures

Anurag Kashyap (India), Prakash Jha (India), Prasoon Joshi (India), Kaushik Mukherjee (India). Bollywood Provocateurs: Wild Imaginations and Tame Audiences.

04:35 PM

Universal Keys

Noa and Mira (Israel).

05:00 PM

A Journey Without Maps

Nobel Laureate Sir Vidia Naipaul (UK) in conversation with Tarun J Tejpal (India). What Writing Can Do That Nothing Else Can.

05:35 PM

Green Prophet

Bjorn Lomborg (Denmark). War Rooms for Planet Earth: How the World Can Spend Its Money Better.

06:05 PM

A Mocking Bird

Mohammed Hanif (Pakistan), Richard Fredman (USA).
Day 25 Nov, 2011

09:00 AM

Authors in Search of 140 Characters

Shashi Tharoor (India), Hari Kunzru (UK). Romance, Revolution and Bigotry: The Promise and Perils of New Media.

10:20 AM

Fears and Frontiers

Carl Dietrich (USA). The Flying Car: How I Invented the Batmobile.

10:50 AM

Fears and Frontiers

Maajid Nawaz (UK). The Story of an Anti-Extremist: Why I Joined the Jihad, and Why I Rejected It.

11:20 AM

Universal Keys

Anil Srinivasan with Sadhana Rao. Composers as Thought Leaders.

12:20 PM

Kafka in a Dhoti

Kapil Sibal (India). The Dilemmas of Development and Democracy.

12:55 PM

The Fixers’ Riddles

Rajan Mittal (India), Prashant Ruia (India), K D Singh (India). Entrepreneurship 2012: Socialism, Capitalism and the New Beast That Needs to be Invented.

02:35 PM

Liberal Voices

Arvind Kejriwal (India), Anna Hazare (India, TBC), Shekhar Singh (India). Vaccines for Democracy: Jan Lok Pal Bill, a Morality Tale.

03:15 PM

The Difficulty of Selling Excellence

Abhay Deol (India), Dibakar Banerjee (India). Movies Bollywood Is Too Scared to Make. Imran Khan (India). How the Suits Are Killing Indian Cinema. Kiran Rao (India). Luck By Chance: How Not to Make Creativity An Accidental Thing.

04:20 PM

Kafka in a Dhoti

Omar Abdullah (India). The Dilemmas of Development and Democracy.

04:55 PM

Universal Keys

Anil Srinivasan with Sadhana Rao. Music and the Mind.

05:15 PM

The Art of Construction

Frank Gehry (USA), Thomas Pritzker (USA). Life Beyond the Box: The Design Philosophy of a Master Architect.

05:55 PM

Play for Peace

Four For Jericho by Theatre Group Menagerie (UK). A Journey Through Palestine No-One Should Miss.
Day 36 Nov, 2011

09:00 AM

Shining India, Simmering India

Sam Pitroda (India). Tech Adventures in a Democracy.  Esther Duflo (USA) & Abhijit Banerjee (India). Full Marks: Why Indian Schools Are Failing Our Children.

10:00 AM

Breaking the Rules

Aamir Khan (India). The Risk-Broker: How Films Can Matter and Make Money.

10:40 AM

Universal Keys

Anil Srinivasan with Sadhana Rao. Music: Innovations and Inventions.

11:00 AM

Bunker Busters

Shukria Barakzai (Afghanistan), Amina Khairat (Egypt). The Power of One: Women In Search of Democracy.

11:40 AM

Future Shapes

Gregory Stock (USA), Naresh Trehan (India). Genetic Engineering: The Hope and the Hubris of Playing God.

12:20 PM

Why We Fight: Stories and Solutions

Himanshu Kumar (India), Kopa Kunjam (India). Ground Warriors: Battles for Earth, Water, Sky. And Life.

12:45 PM

Border Talks

Pervez Hoodbhoy (Pakistan), Mani Shankar Aiyar (India), William Dalrymple (UK). Seven Ways to Rescue Af-Pak.

02:35 PM

Green Prophet

Pavan Sukhdev (USA). War Rooms for Planet Earth: Why We Need to Shift to a Green Economy.

03:05 PM

The Idea of India

Pavan Varma (India),  Ashis Nandy (India). Explaining India: The Most Persistent Mistakes We Make.

03:40 PM

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Stuart Hart (USA), Tamara Abed (Bangladesh). The End of Poverty: Third World Solutions for a First World Recession.

04:15 PM

The News is Not Good

Tina Brown (USA), Tarun J Tejpal (India), Barkha Dutt (India). The Missing Code: Why People Are Always Angry With the Media.

04:50 PM

Universal Keys

Anil Srinivasan with Sadhana Rao. Music, Individualism and Collectivism.

05:10 PM

Money and Morals

Dinesh Trivedi (India), Zhang Weiying (China). Conscience-Keeping in a Capitalist World.

05:45 PM

Of Love and Other Demons

Sudhir Kakar (India), Chitrangda Singh (India), Nayantara Sahgal (India), Tarun J Tejpal (India). The Triumph of Banality: Love Is Still the Answer.

06:30 PM


Tarun J Tejpal