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Hasan Elahi

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The Surveillance Subverter

When some people get picked out of the line for a ‘random’ security check they get mad. Justifiably so. When Hasan Elahi was the victim of racial profiling he didn’t get mad, he got even.The Bangladeshi-born American artist was detained at a Detroit airport in 2002 by FBI agents. The FBI admitted that they made a mistake and released him. Elahi knew that now he was on the terrorist watch list, he was going to stay there. And with his frequent travel, he was always going to look suspicious. 38-year-old Elahi, an associate professor at the University of Maryland turned surveillance on his head.

Go to his website Tracking Transience today and a GPS device will tell you where Elahi is right now. Everytime he uses its debit card the transaction is visible on his website. Before each trip he calls FBI agents and lets them know. Perfect alibi or outrageous art project, Elahi will always keeps those feds guessing.

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