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Justin Hall-Tipping

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The Energy Evangelist

Nanotechnology may be a very nascent field but it couldn’t have asked for a more vociferous champion than Justin Hall-Tipping.

If you’re going to achieve the impossible, after all, it helps to have someone on your side whose imagination doesn’t take no for an answer—and it doesn’t get more imaginative than wanting to provide free energy to the world. “My vision is free energy. Why? Because no-one charges us for the sun,” he says.

Justin, whose MBA from Harvard and BSc in International Finance and Banking seem an unusual foundation for his professional trajectory, isn’t deterred by the sheer scale of his ambition. “By definition we’re looking for massive scientific breakthroughs. Average ideas aren’t going to matter.”

Like the rest of the world, he shares fears of climate change, rising energy demand and inefficiency in how we currently generate and use energy.

Unlike the rest of the world, though, he’s not prepared to leave finding solutions to these challenges to chance. Neither does he believe that the scientific breakthroughs needed will ‘just happen’. Instead, in the year 2000 he set up a company called Nanoholdings with a single agenda: to hunt out people working in nanotechnology and energy generation from across the world and work with them, providing funding, expertise and opportunities.

Today, Nanoholdings is on the cusp of game-changing breakthroughs in energy generation, breakthroughs that may one day be as fundamental to our lives as, for instance, the internet is today.

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