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KD Singh

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The Change-over Entrepreneur

He’s entrepreneur, politician and dreamer rolled into one. When Kanwar Deep Singh borrowed 20,000 to start his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 19, there was no reason to believe he wouldn’t be back home, chastened and in debt, ready to follow his brother into the army in a few months.

Instead he is, today, chairman of the Alchemist Group, with interests in everything from steel to hospitality and hotels, floriculture to road technologies and more. In 2001, pained and horrified at the loss of his father because of an inept medical system, he collaborated with iconic heart surgeon Dr P Venugopal to launch the Alchemist Institute of Medical Sciences.

That, perhaps, best defines KD Singh, a man who operates on instinct, and knows how to make a success of it. A believer in industrial reform, he has served as Chairman of the Central Advisory Board on Minimum Wages and is currently Chairman of the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board, with an aim to revolutionise the food processing industry and bring in a national certification system. He has received multiple awards such as the Rashtryia Ratan Award from the Integration and Economic Council of India and the Udyog Ratan Award from the Institute of Economic Study, among others.

He is among the youngest members of the Rajya Sabha, where he represents the Trinamool Congress. KD lives between New Delhi and Chandigarh with his wife and two sons.

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