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Qaushiq Mukerjee (Q)

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The Provocateur

Indie filmmaker Kaushik Mukherjee  (37) professionally known as Q, produces, writes, shoots and directs films, genre-bending fiction and non-fiction. His documentary Love in India veers from the filmmaker and his girlfriend watching their sex video to expositions on dandiya dancing as mating ritual. At the 58th National Film Awards for 2010, Love in India won a Silver Lotus for being the Best Film on Family Values. This is an unlikely fate for his next film Gandu (Asshole) a Bengali feature with its addictive rap soundtrack, confetti of expletives and explicit sex, well on its way to becoming an underground favourite. Gandu has been to the Berlinale, the Cannes Marche du film, The Seattle International Film Festival at which Q earned a Grand Jury Prize, and played a special screening at Slamdance 2011. This year Q toured Europe withGandu Circus a film/performance art event. Q’s previous films include the Bengali feature Bishh, and Tepantorer Maathe, which has been described as a post-modern fairy tale, about an ex-junkie prince.

He is currently working on a documentary on women of the subcontinent seen through a unifying metaphor of the sari. And also an 18-song musical that he describes as Tagore on acid.

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