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Rishi Kapoor

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Rishi Kapoor has seen the world transform through the refracting lens of Hindi cinema. Since his first appearance on-screen, playing his late father and veteran actor Raj Kapoor (in the cult classic Mera Naam Joker) Kapoor proved that real pedigree shows.

Born to India’s oldest film family, Kapoor was adored for his cherubic appearance and comic timing as much as his histrionic skills. Over the last forty years, Kapoor has proven that he possesses the most important quality for any actor — longevity. As the winds of market economics and technological blitzkriegs changed the world he knew best, Kapoor’s talent only appears to have developed a keener edge. Known for playing romantic roles in the past, his more recent films have seen him experiment with characters that are closer to the skin. Whether playing a middle class teacher struggling to make ends meet in Do Dooni Char, a gruff Sikh man in Patiala House, or the chilling anti-hero Rauf Lala in Agneepath, Kapoor brings to the screen the energy of a much younger actor, combined with the finesse of a true thespian.

In 2009, he swept award juries off their feet with his performance as a schmoozing producer par excellence in Luck By Chance — a role that he later said he had been preparing for throughout his life and career, through encounters with similar characters through the past four decades. Now a proud parent and advisor to the newest actor of the Kapoor family — Ranbir Kapoor — Rishi Kapoor continues to inspire generations with his legacy of charm and the effortless verve of the born artist.

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